Dermalogica Facial Prices


I offer Dermalogica Facials, which I have to say are amazing, I am very impressed and happy that I am using them.

I also offer a Natural Facial using only natural products

Dermalogica offer a wide variety of products to suit all skin types and concerns. and the results in my opinion  have always been great

Facial Prices  

  • Standard Dermalogica Facial                         1 hour              £45.00
  • Luxury Dermalogica  Facial                           1 1/2 hrs.        £50.00
  • Age Smart Anti Aging Dermalogica Facial    1 hour              £50.00
  • Natural Facial                                                 1 hour              £45.00                                  



Over the years I have tried and used all the main brands, and all of them have great products and ranges. 

I have also started making on a small scale my own products.

I use only natural ingredients, if you would rather I use my own products in the Facial treatment, please let me know before you book in, so that I can make them for you.
As they are natural ingredients they do not tend to have a very long shelf life, so I do not keep a big stock unless I am using it for myself or have made some on request. 

For our first treatment, please allow an extra  15-20 minutes for a consultation and to discuss what are your expectations from the treatment

  • Please note treatments are available to female clients only
  • All treatments are valid for 4 months only from date of purchase
  • With all treatments I do offer packages. 
  • Please allow an extra 15-20 minutes for your first treatment  for a consultation with Lieba.
  • Please dress in loose, comfortable clothing for all body treatments. Packages are available on all treatments. 

    For more information or to book an appointment please    
    call  + 44 7423682323,  


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